There are thousands of moments throughout the vehicle development and marketing lifecycle. From innovation and product development to pricing, path to purchase and customer experience. In an industry facing unprecedented change – from connectivity, autonomous driving, sharing and electric mobility – discovering the moments that have the power to influence choice, deepen loyalty and drive sales, is critical. We’re here to bring simplicity and clarity to every stage of the journey, making every moment count.

No other group is as important or talked about as women today – in society, in the workplace and as customers. Australian women are particularly significant in terms of presence, professionalism and positions, while women are living longer with more female business leaders at the helm. The customer experience, brand and communications, insights and strategy and a customer-centric culture must all entwine for businesses wanting to better engage with Australian females. Find out more.

Financial Services

Australia’s finance industry is amid its biggest shake-up since the GFC, while increasing job insecurity, costs of living, divorce rates, gender pay gap and super disparity add pressure to financial decisions. More than ever it’s a commercial and social imperative to support customers with the right financial services products and communications. Our customised solutions integrate brand planning and market analysis with in-depth insight to optimise the customer experience to deliver business growth. We identify the best opportunities for technology-led innovation and brand performance solutions for protecting and growing share.


With a unique range of customised solutions that cover every aspect of the product and customer lifecycle, we integrate qualitative and quantitative approaches with mobile and social data, innovative retail and shopper studies, and a powerful incremental view of new product potential. From brand strategies through to innovation and product development, advertising evaluation to mapping the purchase journey and increasing shopper spend, Kantar provides brands, manufacturers and retailers with a powerful, actionable plan for growth.

Diversity and Inclusion

Brands need to know where they sit on the issue of gender equality. If they don’t, problems can arise when they communicate and engage with consumers in a way that doesn’t align with peoples’ core values regarding gender and the impact can be dissatisfaction and reduced usage. If the disconnect becomes too strong, consumers defect, resulting in reduced market share for offending brands. While the problematic touchpoints will be different for every brand, a solution is ‘designing to the edges’ – a concept from design thinking where inspiration is derived from the needs of each gender to make things better for everyone.


Australian consumers live in a deeply connected world with digital and analogue media interconnected through all activities, from connecting with friends to deciding what to buy. Kantar TNS Connected Life is the cornerstone for understanding the opportunities as consumers revel in fragmented media. And it is not just about the technology – it’s about matching the technology to the business problem we are solving. From fake news to connected devices, chatbots and more, technology is shaping society, and we unlock the insights as to how can brands build and maintain trust in this rapidly evolving world?


Connectivity has changed our lives fundamentally in a relatively short period of time. More than half of Australians object to their activities being monitored by a connected device – even if it makes their lives easier. We’re also more sceptical than the rest of the world when it comes to recognising the benefits of new technologies – we’re more skewed to see the risks – and we’re concerned about the amount of personal data that companies know about us. We will provide expert insights into how to understand what your customers expect from your service, in which moments, and on which channels.

Travel and Tourism

Australians love to travel and holidays are a non-negotiable in their lives, with re-connection remaining central to their holiday experiences. As experts in the the travel, leisure and tourism sectors, we support our clients with a wide range of solutions and insights derived from surveys of visitors to destinations and attractions, evaluation of marketing and policy initiatives, economic assessment of major events, monitoring participation levels and assessing the levels of current and potential demand for destinations.