Sensory science seeks to understand how our senses connect to and interpret our environment and the stimuli within that. Within insights, we use sensory research to help our clients design better products in order to ensure consumer satisfaction, repeat purchase and loyalty.


With over 30 years’ experience, we have a strong history in both the packaged FMCG industry, personal care, home cleaning, retail environments and primary industry research. We tailor our approach and analyses to meet the exact requirements of our clients and draw from our extensive normative databases to ensure consumer satisfaction.


Comprising world leaders in sensory science, consumer trends and product development, our specialty is in optimising the product experience for markets en masse, specific target groups and export markets. We use sophisticated proprietary techniques to increase the rate of market success via measurement of the consumption experience, palate characterisation and the evolution of palate preference. Key methods include preference mapping, central location testing, home usage testing, expert trained panels, sensory qual, sensory curves and claims testing.



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