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From brand strategy to sales performance, we blend a unique combination of expertise, advanced analytics, products and platforms, creating the most meaningful understanding of how people think and act.

Blueprint for Brand Growth

Brands grow by being Meaningfully Different to More People. We have analysed 6.5 billion data points on how people feel and act and deployed the very best of Kantar’s brand experts, data scientists and analytical leaders to synthetise the essence of driving growth – the result is our Blueprint for Brand Growth.


Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index 2023 takes a deep dive into sector-focused insights. This helps explain what really matters to consumers in your category, how they currently perceive brands in your sector and consequently, how they behave – all designed to feed into shaping your marketing approach to sustainability. The study covers 32,000 interviews across 42 sectors in 33 countries, supporting the formation of powerful global and local strategies.


Helping Australians navigate the tipping point in achieving mental wealth and financial sustainability


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