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If language is ill-defined or inconsistently used, the confusion can shape the world around us in ways that we wish it wouldn’t. Sustainability does have a language problem, and as its level of interest continues to grow at pace, we reveal how to get your sustainability messaging, advertising and comms right with Aussies to drive growth and help close the Value-Action Gap.

Sustainability Sector Index 2023

Establish your brand leadership in sustainability


Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index 2023 takes a deep dive into sector-focused insights. This helps explain what really matters to consumers in your category, how they currently perceive brands in your sector and consequently, how they behave – all designed to feed into shaping your marketing approach to sustainability. The study covers 32,000 interviews across 42 sectors in 33 countries, supporting the formation of powerful global and local strategies.


Want to be ahead of the sustainability curve in Australia?

Request the on-demand video and discover:

  • Insights into Australia’s unique sustainability market trends
  • How to connect with Australians to effectively close the value-action gap
  • How much greenwashing and social washing are perceived across sectors

Start your sustainable transformation journey today

Speak to your Kantar representative about the following offers: 

A global report focusing on common themes from around the world 

A country specific report comparing your sector performance against others 

A category Swords and Shields report to identify and prioritise brand concerns

An insight-led tailored engagement session with a sustainability consultant