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We help clients navigate media decisions in today’s fast-changing world of media – to drive brand growth. With comprehensive media solutions for enhanced planning, effectiveness measurement and optimisation, Kantar’s expertise helps maximise the ROI of marketing budgets by driving sales growth today and creating demand for tomorrow.

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The X Factor – Cross Media Brand + Sales

The X Factor – Cross Media Brand + Sales 

Understanding campaign effectiveness in driving brand metrics and sales


As our media landscape continues to evolve in a world where media proliferation is leading to audience fragmentation and a higher reliance on digital programmatic buying, there is a much greater focus on campaign effectiveness among advertisers.


Cross Media is Kantar’s gold standard campaign measurement and optimisation tool that evaluates how marketing activities impact brand equity. And it is now available with the ability to measure sales.


Cross Media Brand + Sales delivers robust insights into the contribution and ROI of multimedia campaigns on brand and sales metrics. This helps agencies and marketers make:

— better decisions about media and channel investment

— improve exposure, effectiveness and efficiency.


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    CrossMedia evaluates multichannel campaigns by isolating the impact of each channel on brand success and understanding channel synergies.

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    Brand Lift measures campaign impact, analyses performance, highlights what’s working and shows how to optimise return on investment for campaigns.

    Context Lab

    Context Lab allows you to understand the effectiveness of content in specific digital contexts before the campaign goes live.

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