Collection Statement

(Version 16th July 2024)

Kantar recognises the importance of protecting an individual’s privacy. This statement provides information as to how Kantar collects, uses and safeguards the personal information provided to us.


Kantar operating as Kantar Insights Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 84 106 925 866) is a member of ADIA (Australian Data and Insights Association, formerly AMSRO) and respects your privacy.  Kantar uses information collected from individuals only for research purposes. This means that we use it to investigate the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions, motivations or other characteristics of a whole population or particular part of a population.

We do this in order to provide accurate and timely information to government, commercial and not-for-profit organisations about issues relevant to their activities to support their decision-making processes. Your input into these decisions is important and the more people that participate, the more the results we obtain truly reflect the spectrum of Australian society.


For most studies we will not disclose any identifiable research information to a third party other than our client, or for any purpose other than conducting market and social research unless we have your express prior consent to do so or are required to do so by Australian law.  Results are usually provided to the client organisation in aggregated form.   

We collect and process personal data for the purposes described above, but we do not sell your personal data to any third parties.


For some studies we may also disclose your information to our client and/or our client’s third party partners to which information will be disclosed for market and social research purposes only, however your explicit consent will be sought to do so in each of these instances.

Occasionally we may disclose your information for a secondary purpose other than research, however in all cases where your information may be disclosed to our client or a third party for purposes other than understanding of the market and social research we are conducting, we will only do so after gaining your explicit consent, within the survey, to do so.


Personal data (personally identifiable information) we collect from you is routinely de-identified and/or destroyed. However, until such time, you have the right to access any information we hold about you.

You may also request at any time to have any information we hold about you de-identified or destroyed. If you participate in this survey/research, it is likely that we will re-contact you for market and social research purposes in the future.


For some particular studies your contact details may have been provided to us by our client who we understand obtained your consent to disclose this information to us for social or market

research purposes.  If you wish to withdraw this consent, you may do so by contacting us at


Our Privacy Policy is available here and contains further details regarding how you can access or correct information we hold about you, how you can make a privacy related complaint, how that complaint will be dealt with and the extent to which your information may be disclosed to overseas recipients. Should you have any questions about our research or any of the above matters, you should contact us via the email addresses above.

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