Shape your brand future


Shape your brand future is our invitation to clients to collaborate; to define the role that brand plays in their business, and to omptimise the performance of their brand.


We believe in the power of brand. It delivers important value and sustainable growth by strengthening connections with consumers. To help brands harness that power, we start with people everywhere, and what shapes their attitudes, behaviours and aspirations.


From brand strategy to sales performance, we blend a unique combination of expertise, advanced analytics, products and platforms, creating the most meaningful understanding of how people think and act. Our indispensable insights and actionable advice empower you to make incisive tactical refinements and big strategic leaps forward. And with the strongest connections to your consumers and greater value in your business, you can shape your brand and its future.

People at Kantar

Our people are the heart of our business. Encouraging every person to flourish in their own way is what makes us different and inclusive alike. With human understanding at our heart, we see it as our primary responsibility.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We want to attract, retain and develop a diverse mix of talented individuals, and create an inclusive culture where everyone can succeed.

Kantar Australia has proudly received White Ribbon accreditation.

At Kantar we are really proud of helping to create a deep sense of belonging and value for our people. Our approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focuses on the following 4 areas:

Embracing Diversity and Being Inclusive

A culture where people can be themselves and their uniqueness is heard and valued

Better Mental Health

Enabling people to successfully manage stress and build good mental health and wellbeing

Contributing to National Reconciliation

Bringing knowledge and understanding of First Nations People to our people

Gender Fairness

A culture where people are fairly and equally valued for their contribution and performance, regardless of gender