Where human expertise, AI-powered analytics and technology converge to predict consumer behaviour and optimise priorities for growth.


We unify a global network of over 1,500 data scientists, analytics consultants, technologists and data designers to integrate unique consumer insights with client customer data and a broad range of third-party sources. By combining behavioural and attitudinal data, the outcome is actionable customer analysis to inform every brand, marketing and sales decision. Using best practice data management, data integration, analytics/modelling, analytic consulting and visualisation optimisation to deliver growth, we are experts in solving problems utilising every available data set.

The invaluable ingredients to measure marketing and media effectiveness

It’s no secret that marketing delivers sales by creating immediate lifts and building stronger brand equity over time. Both components must be evaluated to fully understand how marketing impacts sales. Creative quality also matters but is often overlooked when evaluating media effectiveness – a big omission because there is conclusive evidence that strong creatives get higher ROIs. To leverage advertising effectively, it is imperative to apply as much focus in what you say as how much you spend.


So, how can you best measure your marketing and media effectiveness?


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