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The Great Australian Bite

The value of the consumer experience in the cost-of-living crisis


Cost-of-living is now the great human unifier. And in this period of economic turmoil, your brand has a real chance to help Australians to unlock their mental wealth, build self-esteem, and increase the value exchange. In this latest edition of The Value Imperative, we examine:

  • the role of pricing and shrinkflation on consumer perceptions and financial outcomes
  • the impact of cost-of-living on our sustainable behaviours
  • how to optimise the customer experience and innovation to deliver what Australians want and need right now – and into the future – without compromising strategy and long-term metrics.

And this is all underpinned by having a meaningfully different brand.

Finding Financial Freedom

Helping Australians navigate the tipping point in achieving mental wealth and financial sustainability


Our 2023 Finding Financial Freedom state-of-the-nation reveals two in five Australians say their financial situation is worse than a year ago, and three-quarters are not optimistic about their financial future. This crush on Australia’s ‘mental wealth’ is not only setting us up for potentially devastating consequences, but also shaping:

  • how people interact with financial products and services
  • how people respond to communications or advertising
  • the type of customer experiences that motivates us to engage with a financial brand.

Help Australians on the path to finding financial freedom today


Let Kantar help your brand grow and support Australians during this cost-of-living crisis

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