Finding Financial Freedom

Unlocking Australia’s Mental Wealth

Brand new insights coming November 2023

The imperative is clear – to help every Australian to unlock and build their long-term, sustainable mental wealth.

Against the pandemic backdrop of soaring inflation, rising cost of living, and the new government’s proposed ‘wellbeing’ budget, we know that wealth determines health more than ever before. And achieving financial autonomy has never been more complex. But it is a social and commercial imperative. Finance goals and life goals are strongly interlinked when it comes to seeking financial autonomy. As more and more Australians reassess their lives, our latest research clearly reveals the gap between knowledge and decisions.


Australians are open to a conversation about financial independence, but don’t know where or how to start. And the language is changing. We know Australians are looking for leadership in financial services and for messages that are emotionally positive and uplifting in tone. They are looking for brands to leave them feeling confident and inspired to unlock their mental wealth and financial sustainability. It’s the conversation we must all have. And it can’t wait.

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Finding Financial Freedom 2021 Event

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Finding Financial Freedom highlights with Carolyn Reid

Discover the state of finance for Australian women


Presenting exclusive research insights for Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF), our Head of Qualitative Carolyn Reid reveals an unparalleled state of the nation regarding Australian women and finance. This is some of the richest data of the Australian story through COVID-19 and beyond. Prepare for a big wake-up call and get ready for a new future of finance.

Mumbrella Finance Marketing Week – with Carolyn Reid and Ryan France

Presenting exclusive research for Mumbrella Finance Marketing Week, Kantar’s head of qualitative Carolyn Reid and head of brand strategy Ryan France offer an unparalleled state of the nation regarding Australian women and finance. They’ll share a first-look deep dive into the implications of the current crisis, an indication of the direction for financial services brands, and actionable insights to help your brand play a valuable role in the financial wellbeing and self-esteem of Australian women.