Media Reactions 2021

Great advertising deserves great media environments. We’ve long known that the medium is part of the message, and that it shapes and flavours how advertising is consumed and perceived. People’s reactions to the context in which they see an ad can make or break a campaign.


Media Reactions 2021 is the second edition of Kantar’s global ad equity ranking of media channels and media brands among consumers and marketers. It provides a holistic view of the current media landscape and how to navigate it. With an ad equity ranking and a detailed diagnosis of perceptions about different media environments, it provides essential guidance for campaign planning.


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About our study

This year’s study explores three strategic dilemmas that marketers are facing around the world: Digital, “Glocal”, and Innovator’s Dilemma.

Consumer survey

Over 14,500 consumers covering over 290 brands in 23 markets.

Marketer survey

900 marketing professionals (Advertisers, Agencies and Media companies) around the world.