Sustainability for all: moving toward a new pricing paradigm

Kantar research shows that brands offering sustainable products at the right price can attract more consumers.

Throughout 2022, as Kantar tracked the salient concerns of people in 19 countries around the world, we saw a consistent pattern. War, the economy, and climate and environmental issues were a consistent top three, with inflation and social issues tracking close behind. In September 2022, following an astonishing period of natural disasters across the Northern Hemisphere, concerns around climate and environmental issues leapt by 50%. In the third year of the UN’s urgent ‘Decade of Action’, sustainability is a mass concern.

Foresightful brand owners have done well by identifying the need for sustainable options and have enjoyed the rapid growth that sustainable propositions deliver. Recently, researchers at New York University reported that the six-year CAGR (2015-2021) of sustainably marketed CPG in the US was nearly three times greater than that of conventionally marketed equivalents.

This article was published exclusively on on September 19, 2023.