How to align your innovation and advertising around meaningful difference

Discover the five steps to a successful launch advertising that will make your difference meaningful

In Chinese mythology, the red thread of fate refers to an invisible cord that connects people who are destined to be together. Unfortunately, there is no such destiny involved in new product development. A great new product does not guarantee a successful launch advertising. Instead, the innovator must create their own red thread by ensuring that the advertising for their innovation properly reflects its meaningful difference.

Reflect meaningful difference in advertising to drive growth 

Connecting a meaningfully different brand with effective advertising drives growth.

Analysis of Kantar BrandZ finds that over a six-year time frame meaningfully different brands with appealing advertising grew over eight times faster than brands which lacked both. The connection between meaningful difference and advertising is even more important when it comes to launching a new brand or product. Too many innovations fail, and one of the biggest causes of failure is that potential buyers simply did not know the innovation existed or failed to understand its relevance to their needs.

To avoid having your innovation sidelined because of an ineffective launch, take note of these five lessons that we have distilled from decades of experience with innovation and advertising.

This article was published exclusively on on September 29, 2023.