Beyond brand activism: Three routes to inclusive advertising

Our data shows inclusion and diversity in advertising can help improve ROI. But how can you effectively reflect diverse groups of people in your ads?

Inclusion and Diversity in advertising is a hot topic, and one of the creative devices used by many of Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Award winners. And we know that demonstrating inclusion and diversity in advertising is no longer optional, it’s an imperative. It isn’t just socially and morally right; progressive and inclusive advertising improves ROI.

So how can you get inclusive portrayal of people right in your ads?

We dug deeper into Kantar and Affectiva’s ad testing databases and conducted bespoke data collection and analysis to find out for our webinar: The power of inclusive portrayal in advertising. We looked at how inclusion and diversity in advertising is evolving and different ways to get inclusive representation of people right.

This article was published exclusively on on June 3, 2021.