Touchdown! How optimised touchpoint planning drives brand growth

New Kantar analysis shows the link between positive touchpoint experiences over time and strong brand equity. Brands that consistently improve touchpoint management grow their brand equity.

Consumers are more accessible today, and yet more distant than ever before. Like exchanging TikToks with your aunt from across the globe, we can communicate through endless media, but how do you know what your aunty is really thinking behind all the cat videos? How can you tell what someone’s attitude towards a brand really is?

With so many points of interaction (touchpoints) a brand can be active on, it’s difficult to connect meaningfully with people, and even harder to know which touchpoints to invest in. Campaigns are almost three times more effective with the right media mix. And when you get touchpoint planning right, it helps to build your brand equity and drive repeat custom through meaningful interactions.

At Kantar, we’ve recently proven that maintaining effective touchpoint management over time leads to increased brand equity, and here’s how.

This article was published exclusively on on May 3, 2023.