Three ways innovation can help you create a successful brand experience

Brands with the strongest experiences are 2.5x more likely to significantly grow their market share compared to those with weaker experiences – and consistent innovation plays a critical role in creating leading experiences (based on a recent Kantar BrandZ CX analysis of 10,000 brands over two years). In this article, we identify the importance of innovation to brand experience, why it’s often ignored and the three ways in which to realize its full potential.

Experience underpins brand success

A great brand experience is the foundation on which a meaningful and different brand is built.

Data from Kantar BrandZ finds that brands which are perceived to deliver a unique and meaningful experience are the ones that enjoy the strongest growth, and across 400,000 brand touchpoints measured using Kantar Connect Study, most of the impact on brand strength – 75% – originates from brand experience and word-of-mouth, three times that of paid marketing.

This article was published exclusively on on November 3, 2023.