The Secret of Meaningful Brands

How can brands acquire the crucial quality of being more Meaningful to more people.

Brands exist only in the minds of consumers. They are the intangible web of mental connections between the brand and a host of possible associations: what we know or have learnt about it, what we have experienced, and what we feel. The job of marketing is to create and feed these connections, and to make sure that the connections have meaning to consumers.

That’s why Kantar puts such emphasis on Meaningful Difference in its guidance to marketers and in its measurement of marketing effectiveness. How many times have you watched a commercial and thought ‘why are you telling me that’? A brand message needs to mean something in order for consumers to pay attention to it, and in order for them to recall it later during a purchase journey. That’s down to marketers correctly identifying the consumer needs that their brand can deliver against.

This article was published exclusively on on June 27, 2024.