Technology and brand tracking: the perfect marketing match

Discover how advanced analytics, AI and real-time access to brand equity metrics have built new habits for brand managers.

The vast majority of brand managers are uncertain about what’s in people’s minds. This is because 9 in 10 brands of a measurable status don’t track their brand equity, which raises the question whether the Brand Manager job title accurately reflects their responsibilities.

The rise of brand tracking technology

We must admit that the old ways of tracking brand health were quite off-putting; sample was scarce and restrictive, the margins of error were high, the analytics limited, and nothing was quite at the click of a button. Over the last ten years though, we’ve gone beyond measuring attitudes; behaviour and neuroscience interpretations from survey and non-survey data got integrated within tracking and the number of brands in high clutter categories stretched beyond sufficient levels. The upgrade to mobile ready questions and the automated back-end dashboard solutions dialled up the (dare we say) enjoyment levels for both interviewees and tracker users alike.

So, if you are a marketing director who boasts about award-winning advertising or a brand manager who shines through their product refinement cycles, there is now no excuse not to also focus on your brand’s winning attributes. After all, unless you monitor your brand and your competitors, how would you know where to invest your marketing resources and the optimal time for doing so?

This article was published exclusively on on May 4, 2023.