Swipe right. How AI can help your ads stand out.

Can AI tell which dating app ads will get people to swipe right? Yes, it can. Ads in many categories often look the same, so we explore how AI can help your ad stand out.

My friends’ stories about their experiences and perceptions of different dating apps got me wondering – just how effective is advertising in the dating app category? Looking at the ads, there seems to be a universal look, with attractive people, beautiful clothes and polished production that feels attractive but uniform, with little to differentiate them. And, as we shall see, it is not just my lack of personal relevance at fault.

Lack of distinctiveness is a widespread problem

The problem of brands using a category generic look is far from one that afflicts only dating apps. New cars driving effortlessly on a wet, winding road, happy kids munching on snacks, or the earnest but boring bank scenario. Tropes like these abound. And that’s a problem, because when every ad looks similar people are likely to forget which brand an ad is for. While many factors play into whether an ad is impactful, ads that most people find distinctive are 2.3 times more impactful than those which few people find distinctive (Source: Kantar’s Link Database).

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on June 13, 2022.