Media effectiveness: The role of social media in the advertising ecosystem

Understand the role of social in your media strategy and discover three dynamics to improve its impact.

According to Kantar’s Connect database, 20% of brand touchpoints account for about 80% of the brand impact. So, selecting the right touchpoints and allocating budget accordingly is essential. Our annual Power of Connections research mines Kantar’s creative and media databases to understand the evolving media landscape. You can download the guide below, but for now, let’s focus on social media, a rapidly growing channel.

Since social media entered the advertising arena over 20 years ago, the marketing ecosystem has undergone massive disruption and accelerated change – and its impact is showing no sign of slowing down. Kantar’s CrossMedia database quantifies what many of us know intuitively, that social media is an essential part of media plans; it’s the fourth most impactful touchpoint overall and the first among online touchpoints.

This article was published exclusively on on February 27, 2023.