Keeping consumer conversation going with AI during COVID-19

Learn how Kantar used our in-house chatbot technology to engage consumers digitally during the COVID-19 lockdown in Asia Pacific markets.


With face-to-face research and traditional in-depth qualitative interviews on hold, Kantar has been conscious of the need to maintain consumer conversations digitally during the COVID-19 lockdown.

By leveraging our in-house chatbot technology we created Anne. As a COVID-19 dedicated bot powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Anne was designed to engage with respondents so we could gain a better understanding of their thoughts, needs and priorities during through these changing times.

Anne had 967 conversations in under five days across four Asia Pacific markets (Singapore, Malaysia, India and Australia) garnering rich and detailed verbatim reports. With an average length of 22 words across questions and markets versus an average eight words in a standard online survey environment, Anne significantly increased the depth and quality of responses given by respondents.

This article first appeared on on June 17, 2020.