Kantar’s media predictions 2023 for Australia

The best performing digital content is tailored to its environment, according to Kantar’s Media Trends and Predictions 2023.

The report gives a definitive view of coming media industry trends, with a focus on new viewing habits, soaring costs, data usage and new technologies.

“Whether it is new platforms or ad formats, the options for digital advertising seem to increase daily,” says Straford Rodrigues, head of media at Kantar Australia.

“The most impactful way to work is to embrace the uniqueness of a platform and do something that is customised. The challenges of a post-cookie world are heightened by ongoing and potential ‘privacy wars’ between those companies looking to monetise user data and those prioritising customer privacy.

“Cookies, imperfect though they were, provided at least a common DNA. It’s highly unlikely they’ll be replaced by one solution that is as widely adopted.

“Most advertisers are likely to take a portfolio approach and will continually reappraise data sources. Some platforms will look to machine learning to provide privacy-enhancing technologies that can make tracking and targeting acceptable in their environments.”

This article was published exclusively on adnews.com.au on December 6, 2022.