Kantar launches analytics practice in Australia

Kantar Australia is extending its market leadership in analytics and business intelligence with the launch of a dedicated analytics practice. The expert analytics team are focussed on helping Australian clients solve complex business problems using a range of data sources.

To support this launch, Kantar are investing in top-class talent to directly work with clients locally. The 10-strong Australia team is led by highly-regarded, award-winning business intelligence leader John Cucka. Joining the fast-growing team to strengthen the offering is Jarrod Payne who is promoted to Consulting Director from his previous role of Head of Brand Strategy and Brand Z Australia, Rob Kramer appointed as Analytics Consultant and Yichao Sun as Senior Project Manager.

John Cucka says businesses are dealing with unparalleled volumes of customer data, with many finding themselves data rich but insights poor and impact short.

“Only 44 per cent of advertisers believe they have the ability to make effective business decisions using the data they hold. Across every industry, the C-suite is challenging its analytics teams to cut through the clutter and reveal the insights that will help unlock sustainable business growth.”

“Data exists in silos, is typically unstructured and un-contextualised and not always meaningful. Data only becomes valuable if it’s effectively managed into a single consumer truth. Analytics is too often being allowed to distance deep consumer and brand understanding from business decision-making.”

Jarrod Payne says one of the most exciting things for clients about the launch of the practice is that Kantar’s analytics offering is truly data-agnostic.

“We’re working not only with Kantar’s own first-party data, but with our clients’ operational and CRM data and with a breadth of third-party behavioural and transactional data sources. The outcome is actionable customer analysis to inform every brand, marketing and sales decision.”

Kantar Australia Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Sinton says Kantar is simply making it easier for clients to access their analytical capabilities and technology.

“Globally, we have over 1,500 specialists dedicated to analytics and it’s a rapidly growing business. We’ve always had a brilliant analytics team here in Australia, but clients have typically accessed them through our research teams. The launch of this dedicated analytics practice now gives clients direct access to the team to solve any form of analytical problem. The formalisation of our analytics practice is a strong reflection of how we see the market evolving – where business problems are increasingly solved through analytics rather than a surveys-only solution.”

“We have invested significantly in data integration platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning over the past few years and have a number of world’s leading analytical solutions. We’re looking forward to introducing these into the Australian market.”

Kantar’s analytics practice unifies a global network of over 1,500 data scientists, analytics consultants, technologists and data designers to integrate unique consumer insights with client customer data and a broad range of third-party sources. Using best practice data management, data integration, analytics/modelling, analytic consulting and visualisation optimisation to deliver growth, Kantar are experts in solving problems utilising every available data set.