Integrate your CRM and CX data for more successful customer engagement

Increase customer acquisition, retention, and profitability by integrating customer transaction (CRM) data with customer experience (CX) data.

Answering the ‘who’ and ‘what’ from CRM, and the ‘why’ from CX, creates a more meaningful brand connection

Successful organisations invest in creating personalised engagements with customers, engagements that are both more efficient and more effective. By integrating rich data troves from CRM with CX, businesses create unique customer and brand experiences that drive profitable transactions.

Benefits of integrating CRM and CX data

There is pressure on marketing budgets that demands direct, measurable initiatives. The pandemic changed consumer expectations and purchasing behaviour; customers want to be heard by brands and invited to come back in a meaningful way. Relying on CX data alone is no longer adequate. Integrating CRM with CX in an effective manner delivers on the full promise of customisation. Merging these two powerful data capabilities creates a seamless frontline data stack that makes targeting and personalised communication possible. Traditional customer analytics approaches like ‘next best action’ become easier to execute.

In order to derive the maximum benefits, businesses need to first define what brand experience really means, collect data to measure that brand experience, and use that data throughout the customer journey to deliver on the promise of customer-centric marketing.

The resulting benefits are:

  • Unique customer experiences
  • Connection with the brand: “The brand hears me”
  • Smart recommendations
  • Personalised offers
  • Frictionless transactions
  • Deeper loyalty

By integrating CRM data with CX data, businesses can understand which customer is transacting, how frequently, what they buy, why they buy and how long it takes. Answering the ‘who’ and ‘what’ from CRM, and the ‘why’ from CX creates a more meaningful brand connection, enabling organisations to further strengthen their CRM activations.

This article was published exclusively on on January 27, 2022.