Innovation strategy: How to find the best opportunities for innovation

Successful innovation relies on more than just inspiration. Find out how to uncover the opportunities that others miss with a systematic, future-focused and creative approach that connects insights across disciplines.

In an era of disruption, innovation remains the key to brand growth. But volatile times need a new approach to innovation. One that is built from robust foundations and centered around a deep understanding of people – and one that helps innovators zero in on the right opportunities amid the chaos of constant change, endless data and infinite choices.

How do you find the right opportunities for innovation?

Behind every great innovation, no matter how big or small, is someone who spotted a great opportunity. But that doesn’t mean that all innovation originates from a flash of lone inspiration – it just makes for a good story when it does.

What truly unites every inspiring innovator, be it Nike, Net-A-Porter or Nest, is their ability to connect the dots between what is now, what’s to come and what’s happening around them. The ability to see an opportunity where others don’t is at the intersection of these three lenses.

This article was published exclusively on on August 11, 2022.