How to influence sustainable behaviour through advertising

We used behavioural science techniques and analysed our ad database to uncover how to influence behaviour and remove barriers to sustainable living.

Worldwide people care deeply about social and environmental issues. When we asked about these topics in our global Sustainability Sector Index study, the top concerns were water pollution, lack of clean and safe water and deforestation. And three-quarters of people (73%) say they try to factor sustainability into their purchase decisions at least once in a while.

People want to make a difference, but their value-driven concerns often don’t translate into action, a phenomenon we call the value-action gap. People feel driven to do something about environmental issues, but don’t always act on their intentions. There are many barriers that get in the way of sustainable living. 80% of people prefer saving money more than saving the planet when shopping, and almost one-third feel they, as a sole individual, can’t make a difference in saving our planet. And 58% believe climate change is so far in the future that they don’t feel compelled to act now.

This article was published exclusively on on April 11, 2022.