How KFC Integrated Creative Quality into Their Marketing Effectiveness Assessments

How can a campaign delivered 1.5x sales uplift and 1.4x increased ROI? Learn how KFC partnered with Kantar to get those results!

All too often in marketing effectiveness we focus on placement and response without taking a quantitative look at creative quality. This is a huge miss as Kantar research shows that creative quality has a 30% contribution to sales. And it is an absolute myth that creative testing and assessment are “too squishy” to measure. Ads can be pre-tested through online panels, and those results incorporated into the model which quantifies the impact of copy quality and how it builds not just sales, but the brand.

Here’s what you can learn from this.

“To leverage advertising effectively, as much focus should be in what you say as how much you spend.”

This article was published exclusively on on October 23, 2023.