How AI can help ensure you are harnessing the power of celebrity in your advertising

The assessment of ads featuring famous people just got even smarter and faster with the launch of AI-powered ad-testing with celebrity insight.

Celebrities in advertising are not a new concept to the marketing world, and now more than ever make up a large part of the creative ads across platforms. They are used in advertising for many reasons – to distinguish the brand within a category, to create a cultural link between the brand and the recognizable character, and to show viewers that brands are endorsed by highly influential people. Choosing the right celebrity for your ad can be hugely valuable, particularly when they are used correctly and throughout the campaign. Celebrities are even more effective when used alongside branding devices and in a long-term partnership with a brand, creating a brand identity revolving around the figure. George Clooney has built a brand empire with his Nespresso partnership, and Sofia Vergara, known for her silken hair, had a lasting impact when she promoted P&G’s Head & Shoulders brand.

This article was published exclusively on on October 30, 2023.