Harness the power of AI in brand tracking

Explore the incredible transformation that AI has brought to brand tracking and its constantly evolving interaction.

When ChatGPT descended on us late last year, no one imagined its overnight success. Today, you can’t browse a news website or social media platform like LinkedIn without an overdose of opinions and cheat sheets on integrating Generative AI into your daily tasks – I almost believe AI could help me brush my teeth and tie my shoelaces, too!

And with this new evolution of AI, doomsday predictions for market research and “traditional tracking” have also been flooding my timeline. Having been around brand tracking for 25+ years, I think I can also say a thing or two about it.

Market research, and specifically brand tracking, has sped up and undergone significant changes to keep pace with the evolution of our core stakeholders – marketers! The way we track brands today is different from what was available five years ago. Not every piece of software coming out of the tech hot shops is fit for purpose. At Kantar, we test and adapt our offerings to match specific consumer needs and use cases. Technology allowed the scaled use of neuroscience-based or system 1 methods to understand a brand’s imprint within tracking. Let’s delve into the interplay between AI and traditional methods in brand tracking.

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on September 18, 2023.