Establishing leadership in sustainability: Key takeaways for brands

Environmental issues already define the daily life of one person out of three globally. Now is the time for shared value creation for brands, people and the planet.

People no longer sense some abstract feeling that society needs to change – they are increasingly demanding a concerted focus on impactful action.

Globally, when mapping people’s concerns against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we see 70% worrying about ‘Climate Action’, 64% about ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’, 58% about ‘Good Health’ and 55% about ‘Reduced Inequalities’.

Yet many brands still lack a relevant and meaningful brand activation plan, that responds to the sustainable revolution and the changing values of consumers, society and the marketplace.

With data insights taken from 33,000 interviews across 42 sectors in 33 countries, Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index enables you to see where and how your brand can credibly play. By unlocking engagement, you can put social and environmental sustainability at the heart of your brand strategy and build stronger, more valuable brands.

This article was published exclusively on on October 11, 2023.