Attitudes towards Generative AI: Hype or tripe?

Learn about marketers’ and consumers’ attitudes towards generative AI with brand new data from our latest Media Reactions study.

There’s much debate about AI and its implications for marketing and advertising, both behind the scenes, and at the forefront of activation. But is the industry falling for hype, or being realistic? And what do consumers think?

New research from Kantar, conducted as part of our Media Reactions study 2023, sheds some light on marketers’ and consumers’ attitudes towards generative AI. We surveyed around 16,000 consumers in 23 markets and 900 marketers globally.

Global marketers

It may surprise you – or it may not – that two thirds (67%) of marketers globally are somewhat or very positive about generative AI. This varies by generation among other things. More than 8 in 10 marketers (83%) think positively about it among Gen Z, while the figure falls to below 65% for Gen X and Boomers. The younger the marketers the more open to GenAI they are. While these figures are all hopeful, inevitably, having an opinion isn’t universal: 5% of marketers haven’t even heard of GenAI. These marketers are mostly female or non-Gen Z marketers.

This article was published exclusively on on November 7, 2023.