Agile consumer insight: build your brand on firm but flexible foundations

Agile market research is the foundation stone of building a strong brand that will stand up well, in even the most challenging environment.

When construction on the Taipei 101 building was completed in 2004, it was the tallest building in the world, towering over both global and local competitors. To this day, it still dominates the skyline of Taipei.

But for developers looking to build big, Taipei isn’t necessarily an obvious or hospitable choice due to consistent strong easterly winds and sizeable earthquakes that impact the area every few years. To construct something so iconic, the engineers needed to make use of cutting-edge technology – and have confidence in the data that showed their plans would actually work.

This story of building a colossal structure in such a challenging and dynamic environment draws parallels to building a strong, iconic brand. Fundamentally, big brands making bold choices and need to have confidence in the data that backs their decisions.

This article was published exclusively on on September 25, 2023.