Advertising trends: How to win in a digital world

Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards celebrate the world’s most creative and effective ads, and we reveal what makes them so great.

Today’s fast-moving digital world presents challenges for marketers and their agencies. So, what makes an ad creative and effective in an ever-evolving digital landscape?

Getting your creative right in a multichannel environment is challenging, and the key to successful campaigns is to learn throughout the creative process. Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards showcase great creative content from around the world and help advertisers and their agencies understand what makes effective advertising. We highlight the top digital, social, TV, print and outdoor ads from over 13,000 that we tested with our Link ad testing solution in 2022. What makes our awards unique is that consumers are the judges. We want to help our clients be the best at getting better with their advertising – so let’s learn from the best.

This article was published exclusively on on April 18, 2023.