Why data, insights and testing are crucial to building successful sustainability campaigns

Reducing the carbon impact of media and advertising to real net zero is a major business challenge of our time, and represents an opportunity like no other

Sustainability-themed marketing is uniquely complex, but its importance cannot be underestimated. Despite flaws and setbacks, and against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and unprecedented extreme weather, the world is aiming to transition towards net zero, and businesses will be crucial in achieving that goal.

A green global economy 

A brand’s messages, products and services will play significant roles in helping change behaviours, promote more sustainable lifestyles and ultimately grow and sustain a green global economy.

Our research shows that consumers across the world care deeply about the planet’s interlinked social and environmental issues, are willing to change their purchasing behaviours. And they expect corporations to take responsibility and to act.

In fact, many people feel they can make a difference through the choices they make. Around 50% say they’re prepared to invest time and money to support companies doing the right thing; and 42% have voted with their wallets, no longer buying products and services because of their environmental impact.

2023 should therefore be seen as a year of innovation – whether that’s brands offering greener products and services, media owners offering more energy-efficient services, or agencies rethinking how their planning and buying strategies are impacting the climate.

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on January 18, 2023.