Who’s laughing now? Let’s stop the decline of humour in advertising

Humour is an important creative tool when it comes to advertising, so why are we using it less? Learn how to get humour right in your ads.

Kantar’s AdReaction study showed that humour is the most powerful creative enhancer of receptivity. And it crosses the generations. Our Link ad testing database also shows that not only is it a great way to get a reaction, but it can make your advertising really stand out from the crowd. Humorous ads are more expressive (+27 point increase), more involving (+14) and more distinct (+11).

Only 33% of the ads we research at Kantar incorporate some form of humour, yet half of our Kantar Creative Effectiveness Award winners use it.

Humour is used more often in TV ads (37%) than other channels (15% of print/outdoor and 28% amongst digital ads). We also see variance across digital media: 12% of website ads, 24% of Facebook/Instagram ads, and 30% of YouTube ads use humour in some way.

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on February 3, 2022.