What is the secret to great media planning?

New analysis shows that some media perform consistently around the world, but local insight is needed to maximise media effectiveness.

It’s well established that great advertising is both local and global. But how does this inform strategic media planning? Which elements should you centralise and which should you manage locally? Should you manage certain touchpoints or paid media globally? And where is local expertise essential?

Our recent Media Reactions study showed that consumer preferences for different media channels and brands can vary dramatically across countries and that local media brands are often more popular than global ones. Further, our new report based on cross-regional analysis from Kantar’s Connect and CrossMedia databases (covering 6,000 brands and 1,600 campaigns) highlights regional similarities and differences in touchpoint and media effectiveness around the globe.

The findings show that the three touchpoints with the highest brand impact are similar across regions. Beyond that, there is much variation. Cost-effectiveness varies significantly across media, but not so much by region. And the effectiveness of media reach varies widely across regions, so deployment requires significant local adaptation.

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on November 16, 2021.