What is the consumer perspective on brands in relation to the key themes of COP28?

With COP28 taking place over the next two weeks, we review the consumer perspective on the key themes of the conference.

COP28 aims to drive tangible climate action through collaboration across governments, civil society, industries, and business leaders amongst others. As an overarching principle, all should consider nature and climate together in all decisions in line with the common Sustainable Development Goals. To make this a success, brands also must consider how they leverage their efforts to engage people who buy them now or in the future. And following a host of climate-related emergencies such as the floods in Pakistan, crop failures in India, wildfires in Greece and 40.3°C temperatures in once-temperate England, the pressure is on.

Environmental and attached social challenges are the defining issues of our age and all around the world, it’s becoming personal. Globally people say we need to do whatever we can to fight the climate catastrophe (69%) and social inequality and injustice (70%). With these levels of engagement in the topic, that’s no surprise that COP events attract more and more attention from the general public.

But what do people think about all the big themes due to be discussed at COP28? How does that relate to brands? We take you on a tour of the COP28 agenda and share some insights from Kantar’s newly released edition of the Sustainability Sector Index 2023. The global data shared is based on 32,000 interviews across 42 sectors in 33 countries.
We present here a subset of the topics of COP28, for the full list visit www.cop28.com. 

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on December 5, 2023.