Webinar: The emotional power of purpose in advertising – Tuesday 14 May

Brands that effectively communicate a clear sense of purpose have the potential to hugely outperform their competitors. BrandZ shows that brands with a strong purpose grow their value at three times the average rate.

While the size of the prize is clear, the dangers may be less so. Consumers may value purpose, but they’re also rightly suspicious of it. Achieving success is not as straightforward as simply advertising your aspirations. To truly benefit from the emotional power of a purposeful positioning, brands need to think carefully about authenticity and fit with their brand values.

In this webinar, Affectiva’s Dr Rana el Kaliouby and Kantar’s Graham Page will share evidence of what we know works well, and how to navigate your brand towards successful purpose driven advertising.

Based on analysis of Kantar’s unrivalled database of 200,000 ads, and Affectiva’s world leading understanding of emotion through AI facial coding, we will explore the emotions purposeful advertising elicits and how to get it right.

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Date: Tuesday 14 May, 2019
Time: 13:00 AEST
Duration: 1 Hour