Person surfing on large wave

Riding a giant ad wave into 2022

The Australian economy has emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic in overdrive

Consumers ran from their lockdown cages with shopping bags in hand. Brands are spending on advertising to lure these spenders who are intent on revenge shopping to make up for lost retail therapy time.

Ad spend edged higher than 2019’s pre-pandemic and there’s more ahead as dormant categories, including travel, return.

Then there’s a lot of work for agencies, everyone talks about the talent squeeze, sparked by layoffs in 2020, and a stop in the flow of talent from overseas.

The COVID-19 pandemic also created significant human change. The Great Resignation is here as everyone reassesses their place in the world: Do I really want to work there/five days a week/at all?

This all means growing revenue, the prospect of better pay for those at the coalface and high demand for media platforms, especially television and digital.

This article was published exclusively on on December 20, 2021.