Product demos in advertising; how to get them right

Building your product into the story of an ad, or finding creative ways to convey the brand experience, help persuade and build affinity for your brand.

With 75% of all ads in Kantar’s Link database containing some form of product demo, it’s not surprising that many of this year’s Kantar Creative Effectiveness Award winners feature them. But including a demo is not enough to make an ad great. It is the creative way in which demos are seamlessly ingrained into the story that makes these ads stand out.

Many of our winning ads across TV, digital and print/outdoor used a product demo to convey their brand message. eBay’s winning digital ad finds a formulaic way to demonstrate their service by taking us on the rollercoaster of positive emotions that using their service can bring. Meanwhile, our TV winner for Mitre 10 is a fantastic example of an ad that demonstrates the benefits that the full brand experience can bring, through an emotional yet humorous story. Our top digital outdoor ad for the Google and Samsung collaboration is another successful example of a product demo, displaying in a few simple, sleek movements, how the folding feature of the Samsung phone supports and enhances the Google content.

This article was published exclusively on on July 12, 2022.