Media Release: Technology innovations will transform the APAC media landscape in 2020

As ad spend on social and tech platforms continues to grow in 2020; technology innovations will drive a renaissance in real-world engagement, and new and evolving media channels will create marketing opportunities. Yet, the deluge of digital touchpoints will make it more difficult to connect with consumers in a new era of data and privacy.

Kantar’s 2020 Media Trends and Predictions Report released today reveals 12 global trends borne from Kantar’s extensive insights. Five of those key trends are especially critical for Australian marketers to address when navigating the 2020 local media landscape.

  1. 5G finally gets real
    The 5G era will enable far greater capabilities to reach and engage with consumers but taking advantage will require a significant transformation from marketers.
  2. Streaming wars heat up
    New players will see the battle of the streaming platforms heat up, but an increasingly cluttered market will drive subscription fatigue among consumers.
  3. Cookiesstarttocrumble
    The demise of cookies is prompting a need to prepare now. Direct integrations between publishers and measurement partners will enable true cross-publisher measurement for the first time.
  4. Content meets commerce
    Content and commerce will converge as ‘shopvertising’ evolves from social to TV and digital out-of-home resulting in a contraction of the closed-loop marketing cycle.
  5. Doing the right thing with data
    Privacy ethics will come to the fore and marketers will design personalisation initiatives with a people-first, rather than tech-first, mentality.

“Marketers and media owners will be challenged to develop the skills, engagement models and measurement capabilities to meaningfully engage consumers in the crowded 2020 media landscape,” says Kantar Australia Executive Director, Media and Digital Mark Henning.

“Increased advertising and content possibilities along with the data generated will create new opportunities; however, meeting consumer demand for relevant, personalised content, without breaching trust and privacy is critical to success.”

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