Lessons from 6 great food & drink ads about how to stand out from the crowd

As part of The Drum’s Food & Drink Focus Week, we’re using insights from Kantar’s Marketplace, an automated market research platform, to show why spots from Cadbury, Tennent’s and KFC scored so highly among consumers.

Standing out from the crowd for brands is no easy feat, especially within the mammoth food and drinks sector, and great advertising is all about being memorable.

It’s a category in which, according to Kantar’s database, consumers feel that ad campaigns forge more affinity. Food and drink ads, as a whole, are considered by consumers to be 8 points more impactful, 9 points more distinctive and 9 points more enjoyable than other categories.

This year, themes such as nostalgia, humor and purpose are proving to be key ingredients in brands’ advertising playbooks. Elements like storytelling and visual impact also play a key role.

As the in-depth analysis from Kantar has shown, quick-witted takes are on the rise again after being understandably under-utilized in recent times due to factors like the 2008 recession and the global pandemic.

Ads from brands including KFC, Cadbury and Tennent’s scored highly with consumers in Kantar’s annual Creative Effectiveness Awards. Here, we dive into why.

All of the ads were selected from the top 1% of ads tested by Kantar and then qualitatively assessed by its creative global experts.

This article was published exclusively on thedrum.com on February 20, 2024.