Is inflation Wreaking Havoc with Your Media Projections?

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Inflation is like any other business lever: it is as much an opportunity as it is a risk. In this age of media arbitrage, the question you need to ask is “are you equipped with the right tools to manage it to a profit?”

Inflation is an extraordinarily volatile economic factor.  Rates vary by country and unforeseen news events can spike rates by region or even globally.  Think about what the invasion of Ukraine by Russia did short and long term to global prices.  Last year the news was Turkey and Argentina, now those in the UK and US are seeing double digit numbers for energy and some consumer goods.  Consumer behaviour can change overnight due to changes in pricing and there is no way to accurately predict consumer price changes.

To add to the complexity, media inflation rates are not necessarily strongly correlated with consumer price inflation.  But they are key to drive efficient optimisation scenarios. As an example, in France, media rates are expected to be flat this year vs. 2022, except for TV which expected to rise by 12%.

This article was published exclusively on on April, 2023.