How should marketers use media channels for brand building?

Campaigns are almost three times more effective with the right media mix. Discover the fundamental steps to optimising your cross-media marketing spend.

The rise of social media platforms means a growing cornucopia of media channels available to consumers and marketers. While more traditional media channels such as print, television, and point-of-sale continue to serve brands well, in today’s landscape it’s vital for brands to stay up to date with new and emerging media channels as well as optimise the use of traditional channels. Achieving this can be both difficult and time-consuming.

The importance of multi-media marketing is indisputable, but what is complicated is how to optimise it. Analysis of our CrossMedia database shows that campaigns could be 2.6 times more effective with the right media spend allocation. Yet, our Media Reactions 2022 survey shows that marketers’ confidence in their media mix has declined (from 67% to 61%).

This article was published exclusively on on January 12, 2023.