Growing through disruption: New rules of marketing effectiveness in APAC

To master the new rules of marketing effectiveness post-pandemic, brands must be agile and focus on risk intelligence to grow; they have to get creative right as content consumption soars; and they must use insights and data strategically to tap media and communication opportunities.

Uncertainty still lingers in APAC, even for markets seemingly on top of the pandemic. But as disruptive events continue to change the business landscape, they also open up new opportunities for growth. To win, it’s imperative for brands to master the new rules of marketing effectiveness – no matter the budget.

Agility is essential but brands must hedge against the uncertainty of timing

Kantar Consulting’s Knowledge lead Walker Smith predicts “2021 will be an 18-month year” and across APAC, that will move us from our current “COVID now” dominated by ongoing uncertainty, to a “COVID normal” opening up opportunities as populations are vaccinated.

Finally, the long-awaited arrival of a “COVID social” surge in pent-up demand and social connections will be gratefully welcomed.

But as Walker identifies, the greatest competency required is “hedging against the uncertainty of timing”. 2021 is likely a prelude to the coming era of disruptions and brands must adapt quickly to rapidly changing demands playing out differently in each market.

This article was published exclusively on on March 24, 2021.