Dentsu and Kantar launch Marketing a Better Future study into the role APAC marketers

It found 34% of marketing and insights teams are ‘executing against their sustainability plans and measuring progress’

Dentsu and Kantar have launched Marketing a Better Future, a flagship study exploring the role APAC marketers play in achieving corporate sustainability ambitions and SDGs.

With the exponential growth of Asian economies, spending power is moving East with the region shaping global consumption trends.

This gives Asian consumers and companies a new and unique responsibility, especially as the region is expected to bear the brunt of climate-related catastrophes. Consumer behaviour urgently needs to shift to more sustainable habits and lifestyles.

According to Kantar’s latest Global Issues Barometer, climate issues are a key concern with nearly 60% of consumers globally saying they experience eco-anxiety which is driving increased consciousness and desire for action. In tandem, system-level changes are needed to reach global sustainability targets and ensure the planet’s future.

This article was published exclusively on on January 12, 2023.