Can the inflation stir us toward a more climate-conscious consumption?

Often a question is posed as to whether efforts should be focused on solving inflation or solving climate change – where does the priority lie?

From the data collected in Kantar’s Global Issues Barometer, it seems that these two crises should not be pitched against each another. On the contrary, the inflation we are currently experiencing could become a pivotal moment for sustainability.

In Kantar’s Global Issues Barometer, we asked people to tell us in their own words, what they were thinking, feeling, and doing about what is going on in the world around them. By avoiding the heavy use of pre-coded questions and attached cultural assumptions, we aimed to avoid influencing people’s thoughts and answers.
A key finding from this study is that, although inflation is a key concern for people, it is not experienced in a vacuum. In people’s minds, challenges linked to the economy and climate change are altogether amounting to a general sense of risk and both need to be solved.

This article was published exclusively on on June 15, 2022.