Brand tracking essentials: Using brand insight to maximise marketing spend

Find out how the right brand performance indicators from brand tracking can help you maximise your marketing budget and futureproof your strategy.

Identifying the most effective metrics and prioritising the right opportunities for your marketing spend will help you to make the strategic decisions that will drive brand growth, even in an uncertain economic climate.

We explored how proactively investing in brand tracking can help you navigate risks during an economic downturn. Now, it’s time to ensure you get more bang for your buck. Let us walk you through the importance of understanding your brand performance and how to use brand tracking to ensure your business remains successful throughout any recession or when facing headwinds.

Understanding your brand performance leads to growth

Evidence from one of our clients during the last recession shows just how important the right marketing investment is to grow your brand. During the 2008 recession, a leading premium chocolate brand was facing pressure from its global headquarters to reduce its media budget by 40% following a weak sales season. However, based on evidence from their Kantar brand guidance programme, our client increased media pressure relative to competitors and achieved stronger communications awareness than all other brands (premium and non-premium).

This article was published exclusively on on March 23, 2023.