Are marketers ready to lead the charge towards a Sustainable Future?

A new study conducted in partnership with the WFA reveals that many marketers are only now realising what is required to make marketing sustainable.

arketers around the world are finally realising that they have a key part to play in delivering a sustainable future and brands that meet consumer demands.

That’s the key take out from Sustainable Marketing 2030, a new report conducted by Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice and the World Federation of Advertisers.

The function certainly has a lot of work to do with the largest share of respondents globally (39%) still only taking the first steps in on their sustainability journeys.

The new study argues that some data will get worse as the size and scale of change required dawns on marketers. Capability gaps are cited as a challenge by 35% versus 20% in 2021, when the WFA last looked at the issue, for example.

More broadly, such findings reflect the fact that as people become more aware of the response needed, they understand that what their organisations are currently doing is not enough, despite making meaningful progress. As a result, organisational confidence is down with fewer performing in the top bracket, from 29% in 2021 to 15% in the new study.

This article was published exclusively on on May 3, 2023.