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Service Measurement

Preethy is the Associate Director in the Service Measurement team that helps improve the services of a leading postal provider in Australia. More than a decade ago, she could hardly imagine working at Kantar for so long; and here she is 13 years later – much enjoying the journey with the company along the years.


“When I started working here, I thought I would see how it goes for maybe 3 months as it was an industry I had not worked in before. So, this is a testament to the people I work with, the camaraderie, the inclusive culture and having the ability to grow continuously, build on opportunities to innovate and lead the way in any area you are passionate about”.


Even though I’ve stayed in the account for 13 years, no two years have been exactly alike. It’s a unique situation because I’ve been working with one account and one client. The project itself has evolved significantly over the years, and we’ve had opportunities to embrace new technologies and deliver impact for our client. The most significant impact being the launch of the Mobile App which was a game changer in Service Measurement testing.


Throughout the 13 years, there has been growth for me, personally as well as professionally. Our team has had the opportunity and freedom to create innovation in our spaces without limitations and not restricted or bounded by any certain protocols or rules. We are able to implement new ideas for the project delivering client impact. Therefore, it’s the innovation and flexibility that really drives me. People are also a key factor on top of the list. In my team, many of us have spent over 10 years at Kantar, and we know each other so well, just like family. I’m so happy and grateful for the people that I work with.


What I love about the culture at Kantar is it encourages you to ignite the passion within you and drive initiates around that. If you have any kind of passion inside you, just go ahead and do it. In 2020, I was part of the wellbeing committee and amongst the many things to be proud of, the launch of the “Appreciation Tree” was a highlight; an initiative that practices kindness by giving recognition cards to our colleagues and now this has gone global! Absolutely proud and its Kantar’s inclusive culture that enables one to chase their passion.



As a Partner in the Consulting division in Sydney, Colin leads the insights strategy work while overseeing operational excellence and people development. A key aspect of his job lies in accelerating the team’s ability to learn, grow and show up authentically.


I am a big believer in the power of brands, so it feels like a natural home for me to be at Kantar where the same belief is held. Having been with the business for a while now, what I really love is that I have never stopped growing and learning in all that time. Kantar, as a business, innovates as the world changes; and this brings about limitless opportunities for its people to lean into those changes and flourish. Everyone here is encouraged to cultivate a real growth mindset and a thirst for learning. I find that incredibly rewarding!


“At Kantar, it is believed that everyone is unique, and will only be truly successful when they can bring their whole selves to work. Many great initiatives have been undertaken to increase recognition and appreciation of topics that matter to our people”.


Recently I facilitated a panel discussion with Kantar APAC employees as an internal initiative for Pride month. We had an incredibly high attendance from individuals across the region who advocate the LGBTQ+ community, which was a success. I am extremely proud of my colleagues and Kantar for embracing this initiative that helps facilitate the creation of a respectful and safe working environment.


Australia is, on the whole, an open and accepting place for LGBTQ people. However, I appreciate that it is not the same in each market. In addition, I am old enough to remember that society was not always so open and accepting. The Pride group at Kantar is a way for others to feel more connected and supported and to know that they are not alone: others are there to help and support them and help them to be proud. I am fortunate to be in an office where I can be my complete self.


Associate Director

Megan supports Melbourne-based clients and collaborates with our teams across Australia and the globe to help our amazing clients understand people and inspire growth. But it’s the people she works with that inspires Megan the most.


Moving to Australia was a big dream of mine and Kantar Australia played a big role in helping me to realise that dream. I am a South African woman who started her passion for research at another great organisation, but I always had an ambition to work for Kantar. I was lucky to join the Kantar South African team in 2017 where my passion for research really started to grow. During that time, I was looking to immigrate to Australia and so I was lucky to apply for an amazing position at our Melbourne office.


“Working for Kantar Australia is so fulfilling – I can say it was the best decision that I have ever made. Not only am I getting the opportunity to be exposed to different types of work and clients, but I have also developed strong connections with my Kantar family.”


I have had the opportunity to work on so many amazing projects but the one that really excites me is the work we do for a big global brand. The project aims to understand how their online free skilling programs are helping the lives of people in different countries. I love working on this project because it is something different but also touches on the socio-economic impact of this brands work.


Honestly for me it is the people that makes me enjoy working for Kantar the most. Everyone I work with is so passionate and inspiring but not only that, we have a strong culture of being caring and helpful. It makes you feel part of a family! I have had an amazing global journey with Kantar. Not only have I been able to work on amazing projects across different industries, but the work I do has taken me to many places across the globe.


Senior Director

David leads our clients on their incredible insights journey and has been part of the Kantar family across the globe for over 13 years. He is genuinely inspired every day his colleagues and clients and loves the camaraderie that the Kantar Australia family brings to work every single day.


Over 13 years ago, I started my career within the Kantar family at NeedScope International in New Zealand. Now I find myself in Sydney having worked for Kantar in three different countries. Most significantly, I spent seven amazing years with Kantar in London, and when I decided to move back down under, Kantar Australia was always on my radar.


“The team here made it an easy decision to re-join Kantar in the Sydney office. The calibre of work here is amazing, and the clarity and focus of the vision and strategy is inspiring and makes it a genuinely exciting place to work. It’s easy to call this place home, and I’m more than proud to be a part of the Kantar Australia family.”


My favourite project that I’ve worked on so far is a segmentation study for Native Instruments – a German-based company that makes music production and DJ equipment. This is a big passion of mine, so none of it felt like work, and we very happily went to Berlin for a kick-off session and to interview a series of DJs and producers for the project. As segmentation work often is, it was a really influential project for the Native Instruments team, and subsequently expanded to work in the US and Japan. I’ve also been lucky to travel to many amazing places with Kantar over the years: New York, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Houston, Calgary, Paris, Rome, Prague, Copenhagen, Dublin, and soon to be Japan.


When asked what I enjoy most about working for Kantar, I’ll proudly repeat how you hear most people answer this question: the people. The support, the perspective, the enthusiasm and the banter, make work a challenging, exciting and fun place to be.